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Homage to the beauty of the woman

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You ...

Your words glide on my skin,
enchants my heart.
Make me vibrated by desire,
you make me happy, all corner of my spirit.
Your words metamorphose into a musical note
You gives me envy
to dance.

I take you in my arms,
I slide my steps in yours
Dance, Sing !
you my love !

I feel your hands slid on my body
who melt
when you touch me.
My dreams cross with yours
You delight my life each second.

(® 2004 ProLitteris CH.-8033 Zürich Switzerland)


You have a name filled of romanticism.
When I walked twice to Tuscan
I visited Florence.
This city charmed me by its beauty.

Your name is the beauty of this city,
You body is like this painting from Botticelli,
Your name sing love
Your heart is a permanent sunshine
I merge in your name,
Like the love melt in me

(® 2004 ProLitteris CH.-8033 Zürich Switzerland)

Australian, beauty woman

The waves of the Pacific wraps you
Glide on your hips
To delight your senses
Your heart sing
Wake up, peaceful love
In you desire

Your hips blooms in a sunbeam
The rainbow, slides between your hips
To warm your desire
Your heart melt in the breeze
Desires for the eternity

Beauty of the new world
You Australia
In thousand facets
Landscape of color

Woman of this magic country
Glance you passion
Enchants our life
Vibrates the love which is in you

You beauty
Of the new world
I melt in your desires
Ardent love
Enchants our passion...

(® 2005 ProLitteris CH.-8033 Zürich Switzerland)